Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Open Source Office Software Alternative to Microsoft Office.

Have you ever looked for an alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite? Have you asked yourself if that alternative exists what would be the cost?  If so, stop wondering at least for now. There is an office suite worth checking out. have been around for over twenty years and is the product of a completely open development program  which allows anyone to report bugs, request new features and enhance the software.

If language is an issue, don’t worry, the software most likely already supports it. Aside from being a great software that is easy to use, it has one particular feature which is a benefit to all of us, Its all FREE!. You may install in all the pc’s you want in your home or your workplace. You may also make copies and and give them away to family and friends. All of this is possible because the software is released under the LGPL License. For more information please visit their site at comes with the following programs:






To download your free copy click on the following link.

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