Friday, February 4, 2011

Installing Microsoft Security Essentials

Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-46-46Here you will learn how to install The FREE Microsoft Security Essentials to protect your computer from Viruses. For more information about about this software please visit their site.Microsoft Security Essentials

Keep in mind that you should only have one Antivirus program running in your system in order to be protected 100%. Having more than one can make your system be unstable and the probabilities of not being protected are higher. So, if you already have an Antivirus installed, do not install another one. If you rather have this FREE Antivirus from Microsoft, you should uninstall the one you have in your system before proceeding.

1st download the Microsoft Security essential from their website. Once there Click on the Download Button.
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-26-44a

When prompted with the following question, click RUN
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-32-52

The program will start to download
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-33-02

When the program finishes downloading, it will start the setup. when prompted with the following message click YES.
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-33-32

After reading the introduction and the privacy statement click next to view the license agreement..
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-33-59

Click I accept for the installation to proceed
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-34-12

In the following screen choose whether or not you want to join the Customer Experience  Improvement Program
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-34-18

In this screen you will be prompted to optimize your computer’s security by enabling the Firewall if it has not been enabled yet.
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-34-45

It will take a few minutes to complete the installation.
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-35-25

When the Install is complete, the program will ask you to reboot the system. Click Restart Now for the changes to take effect.
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-37-51

Once the system is restarted, you want to check whether the Antivirus program has the latest definition files. Click on Start-Microsoft Security essentials to open the program and check status.
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-46-11

You program should look like image below. If you see it different you must do the following.
1st Go to the Update tab and update the definitions.
2nd Go to the Home tab and  click on the Scan Now button.
This should put you up to date.
Windows 7-2011-01-23-08-46-46


Anonymous said...

This was helpful, thanks

Jose A said...

How is it any good better then most free antivirus programs?

NinoNT said...

Hello Jose, sorry for the long wait. Perhaps Microsoft Essentials might not be better than some of the leading antivirus out there. I have been using it for a long time and I have not been infected yet. I personally like MSE because it’s FREE and it does not make my system slow which to me is a priority. I have used other antiviruses with paid subscriptions and free they have also kept me protected as well but they used up a lot of my systems resources and made my system sometimes unusable. Keep in mind that no matter how much you pay for an antivirus you will be exposed if you never update at least all the critical updates from your Windows operating system and the definition files from your favorite antivirus. Keep those two up to date and you will be fine. Thanks for your post.