Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Change The Default Paste to Match The Destination Formatting in a Word Document

Pasting01In this tutorial you will learn how to change the default paste to match the destination formatting in a Word document. This setup is very useful if you repeatedly copy text from other documents or
applications and then paste it to your working document. Setting it up is very simple. Just follow the following steps.

The original document is formatted with the font Arial and size 9

The destination document is formatted with the font Annie BTN with size 14. For this example we want our pasted text to be formatted automatically with the font and size of our destination document and not with its original font and size as in the following picture.

1. Click on the Office Button and then Click Word Options

2. In  the Word Option Window Click Advanced

3. On left side go to Cut, Copy and Paste and change the following options to “Match Destination Formatting”:
    - Pasting within the same document
    - Pasting between documents
    - Pasting between documents when style definitions conflict
    - Pasting from other programs
Then click OK

4. Now paste the text again. The pasted text will be formatted with the font and size of your destination document.

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